Success Stories in Messenger Communication

Here you’ll find the best examples and use cases of conversational messaging and messenger customer service in your industry. The success stories offer inspiring use cases as well as tips & tricks from various industries.

Success Stories


Find out how BMW’s Munich branch has easily automated its workshop customer service (#follownow) with the help of WhatsApp and a chatbot.

Digify Africa

Learn how the NGO Digify Africa uses WhatsApp with a chatbot to educate professionals in the area of digitalization and social media in South Africa.


Learn how the full onboarding process via WhatsApp and FAQ chatbot allowed GOMEEP to grow their customer base fast, lower customer acquisition costs and achieve high customer satisfaction.

Harz Energie

Find out how the energy supplier is digitizing its customer service processes with WhatsApp and making them even more efficient through automation.

Heimathafen Hotels

Learn how the hotel group uses its messaging service to reduce its email volume and a chatbot to relieve its service team.

Intersport Hübner

Intersport Hübner shows how customer service via WhatsApp boosts sales in stationary retail.


Learn how medium-sized paint retailer MissPompdaour successfully brought their retail business online with their WhatsApp service.

Orion Mall

Find out how Orion Mall increased the number of visitors and the revenue of the stores and services by shifting their digital customer communication to WhatsApp!

Rimborso 5

Learn how the Italian credit counseling service uses the WhatsApp Business API for more efficient and revenue-generating customer communications.


Find out how stylink is succeeding internationally and growing their customer
base with the help of iMessage newsletters .


Learn how the state of Telangana uses a chatbot to keep its citizens informed 24/7 and creates more security among its citizens.


Learn how Wish sells products directly through WhatsApp with their chatbot promotion.

Women's Best

Read more about how Women’s Best uses messaging to offer customer support twice as fast.

Your guide to

WhatsApp & Co.



Interview with Transgourmet: A best practice example of customer service via messaging app in the B2B sector.


How can e-commerce companies grow their business with messaging? Read here how you can successfully leverage messaging apps across the whole customer journey.


In order to drive customer loyalty and win new customers, retailers can offer better customer service with the help of messenger communication.

Automobile industry

For car dealers, messaging apps like WhatsApp offer many advantages to improve the customer experience. Find out how to use them and how your business can benefit.


No more waiting on hold, plus shorter processing times – how banks can offer better customer service with messaging apps.


5 use cases demonstrating how industrial companies effectively use messaging apps to communicate with their customers.


Digital travel consulting as a strategy to set yourself apart from the competition. We show you how it’s done.


Valuable tips and tricks from large transport companies for maximum efficiency in customer communication.


The digital age of customer communication via messaging apps is relevant for data-sensitive industries.


Four use cases from the energy industry on how to use messaging apps effectively for customer service.