Lucky - WhatsApp chatbot for your car dealership

Lucky is a WhatsApp service assistant specially designed for car dealerships that helps you manage daily customer communication tasks and saves you a lot of time – GDPR-compliant, of course!

The beauty is that you can very easily customize Lucky to your needs. The pre-built car dealership chatbot learns continuously, works even on weekends, greets returning customers in a friendly manner and if the chatbot gets stuck, it simply hands over to a real car dealership employee.

You get Lucky for free with every MessengerPeople package.

Why customer communication via WhatsApp?

Most popular messenger

Most popular messenger

Over 2 billion WhatsApp users worldwide.



Guaranteed end-to-end encryption and GDPR-compliant communication.

Abonnements & Promotions

Abonnements & Promotions

Send deals, news, vehicle announcements or other promotional content as push messages.



Increase the efficiency & quality of your customer service with simple automation and chatbots.

No waiting loop

No waiting loop

Communicate with your customers synchronously (in real time) and asynchronously (time-shifted).



Resolve customer inquiries faster and more interactively with images, videos, audio, or documents.

Customer Communication via WhatsApp & Lucky
from car search to service & aftersale





Test drive

Test drive





Lucky at a glance

The chatbot, specially developed by car dealerships for car dealerships, can be customized and offers car dealerships comprehensive options for efficient acquisition, personal consulting & service as well as digital sales of vehicles & service offers – naturally GDPR-compliant!

Query of personal data, license plate number and mileage

Roadside assistance and damage reports via photo and video

Appointment & coordination

Arrangement of test drives

Sending cost estimates for extended repair approval

Query the status of repair

General info like opening hours and directions

Entry via website, marketplace or QR code

Integrates with existing systems and relevant automotive software

Interfaces to relevant automotive software

Lucky - the chatbot for car dealerships in video

Your software - MessengerPeople for your car dealership

With the Messenger Communication Platform, you manage your customer communication via web chat and messenger apps, such as WhatsApp, Instagram Direct Messaging, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Apple Business Chat, Viber and Notify professionally, efficiently and in compliance with data protection laws.

Quick start

The web-based platform enables a quick start without IT infrastructure.

100% GDPR compliant

Data protection and IT security meet the highest standards! Of course  GDPR compliant!

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WhatsApp assistant specially developed for car dealerships included for you.


From arranging a test drive to repair approval, everything can be implemented in one solution.

Roles & Rights

Manage multiple sites and departments in one interface.

WhatsApp within car dealership

Be available to customers and prospects for consulting & service as a contact person via WhatsApp.


Advise your customers and convey vehicle or service information directly in the chat.

Appointment arrangements

Facilitate appointment coordination for your customers and reduce the number of unnecessary callbacks.

Arrange test drives

You can conveniently contact your customers via WhatsApp for test drives.

Questions about use

Answer your customers’ questions about the use of your services or vehicles quickly and directly.

Individual problems

Be available to your customers for individual questions and problems.

Already more than 100 car dealerships use the advantages of Lucky and WhatsApp for their customer communication

Test Lucky 14 days free of charge - schedule a consultation now

Schedule a live demo of our Messenger Communication Platform with our car dealership expert, Bozina Babovic, now. He will guide you live through the product, give valuable tips and answer all your questions.

Car dealerships & customer communication via Messenger

Many car dealerships and car shops offer customer information digitally – but their service is often still very analog. WhatsApp offers many advantages for car dealerships, many of them are already doing it!  We’ll show you how your car dealership can successfully use messaging apps in a data secure manner.

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