Apple Messages for Business for Your Customer Communication

MessengerPeople’s Messenger Communication Platform helps your business provide intuitive, efficient customer service – and officially supports Apple Messages for Business.

Apple Messages for Business is a new, innovative opportunity for your customers to contact your company 1:1 over iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

With Apple Messages for Business, your customers can chat directly with you, set up appointments, or process payments via Apple Pay.

Why Customer Communication via Apple Messages for Business?

Reach and popularity

Reach and popularity

Hundreds of millions of Apple fans and iOS users worldwide – your premium target group!

Many entry points

Many entry points

Customers find your company via Safari, Maps, Search or Siri and can start chatting with you with one click.

Subscriptions & Promotions

Subscriptions & Promotions

Send news, updates or promotional content as notifications to your customers & fans.

Direct Sale Options

Direct Sale Options

Your customers can simply order via Chat and pay directly in the chat with Apple Pay.



Increase the efficiency & quality of your customer communication through automation and chatbots.



Help your customers faster and more interactively with pictures, videos, audio or documents.

Apple Messages for Business Features

Apple Pay

Map the entire customer journey in the Messages app, from advice to purchase and payment.


The login for authentication is directly integrated into the Messages app.


Plan appointments and deliveries together with your customers easily using the calendar function.


Provide your customers vouchers, loyalty cards, tickets, etc. that can be added to the wallet with just one tap.


Provide your customers various products and options directly for selection.

Quick reply

In an ongoing chat, you can offer between two and five customizable options, one of which the user can select via a button.

Smart Response Options

When you ask your customers for their phone number, address, current location or e-mail address, the QuickType keyboard provides intelligent suggestions.

Apple Messages for Business along the Customer Journey









Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Consulting & Customer Service

Offer your customers a better customer experience and increase satisfaction.

Consulting & Sale

Advise your customers, provide product information and sell via Apple Pay directly in the chat.

Invoice Enquiries

Your customers can conveniently contact you via chat for billing questions.

Individual Problems

Be available to your Apple users for individual questions and issues.


Simplify the processing of customer returns and reduce the number of returns.

Questions about Usage

Answer your customers’ questions about the usage of your services or products quickly and directly.

Modification of Personal Data

Your customers can easily update their personal data via chat.

Chatbots & Automation

Use automatic answers or chatbots to answer your customers’ questions in a resource-saving way.

Prequalification of Enquiries

In first level support, chatbots help you collect customer data, such as name, request and customer number.


Consult & inform via chatbots and increase your sales and customer satisfaction through simple automation.


Sell products and services or make appointments around the clock to increase your sales – automatically.


Channel recurring requests and answer them automatically to reduce the workload on your support staff.

Notifications & Alerts

Use messages to send your customers important information or updates in real-time directly to the lock screen after they have given their opt-in for the service.

News & Updates with Notifications

Use the Messaging App for effective content marketing & benefit from high open & click rates of your notifications.

Promotion & Deals

Promotional content, such as offers or product launches, can be sent directly to your customers’ lock screen and sold in the chat.


Enable registration confirmations or two-factor authentication directly in the chat.


Inform your customers e.g. about the status of the delivery or changes in flight times.

Appointments & Reminders

Schedule appointments or remind your customers of appointments or unpaid invoices.


Send booking or payment confirmations to your customers directly through Apple Messages for Business.

Our customers communicate successfully via Apple Messages for Business

Your MessengerPeople Solution for Apple Messages for Business

With our solution you can manage your customer communication via Apple Messages for Business and other messenger apps professionally, efficiently and in compliance with data protection regulations.

Newsletter Distribution

Like other institutions, associations, media & companies, send newsletters, information or deals as notitifcations directly to the lock screen of your subscribers.

Intuitive Ticket System

Use a modern ticket system with easy ticket allocation via drag & drop or autorouting.


Your employees work together in defined roles and efficiently in a team.

Pre-defined Responses

Increase your efficiency and response times with predefined chat modules.

Chatbot Builder

Create chatbots that support your customer service without any programming knowledge.

Contact us via Apple Messages for Business or email to learn more.

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