Webchat for Your Customer Communication

Webchat, also called live chat, is the perfect complement to the already established channels of messenger apps in your customer communication.

Webchat allows your customers to contact you via desktop chat when they visit your website. Offer them the opportunity to ask questions, ask for advice, buy products or give feedback.

Manage all webchat messages with the Messenger Communication Platform compliantly, efficiently and centrally in a unified interface for the team, along with your Messenger communication.

Why Customer Communication via Webchat?

Easy Access

Easy Access

Any visitor to your website can talk to you anonymously and provide personal information later.

Personal Consultation

Personal Consultation

Offer your target group precise advice on products or services when they are currently on your website.

Direct Sale Options

Direct Sale Options

Send your customers check-out links to the store or direct links with information about your products or services.



Increase the efficiency & quality of your customer communication with simple automation and chatbots.

Conversation Continuity

Conversation Continuity

Communicate with your customers synchronously (in real time) and asynchronously (time-shifted) with a continuation of the chat on WhatsApp.



Use images, videos or documents to have interactive and solution-oriented conversations with your customers.

Webchat Features

Seamless Communication Experience

Offer your target audience a seamless experience via a chat window in the look & feel of your website following your corporate design.

Availability & Automatic Replies

You decide at which times the Webchat is available for your customers and which absence message is automatically displayed.

Customized Consulting

Increase customer satisfaction by manually or automatically routing the customer concern to the appropriate agent.

User Profiles

Accelerate your customer communication with auto-completed user details.

Chatbot & Chatblocks

Partially automate your customer communications by using a chatbot or reply templates.


Offer your customers the possibility to continue the chat at a later time via the most popular messaging app, WhatsApp.

Your MessengerPeople Solution for Webchat

With the Messenger Communication Platform, you manage your customer communication via Webchat and messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram Direct Messaging, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Apple Business Chat, Viber and Notify professionally, efficiently and in compliance with data protection laws.

Quick start

The web-based platform enables a quick start without IT infrastructure.

100% GDPR

Data protection and IT security meet the highest standards! Of course GDPR-compliant !

Roles & Rights

Your employees work together in defined roles and efficiently as a team.

Desktop optimized

Work comfortably and efficiently from your desktop or laptop.


Always keep an eye on the most important KPIs !

Intuitive Ticketing System

Use a modern ticket system with easy ticket assignment via drag & drop or autorouting.


Your employees work together in defined roles and efficiently as a team.

Predefined Answers

Increase your efficiency and responsiveness with predefined responses.

Chatbot Builder

Create chatbots that support your customer communications without any programming skills.

Central Inbox

Manage all incoming chats from Webchat, Instagram Messaging, WhatsApp, Messenger by Facebook, Apple Business Chat, Telegram, Viber, and Notify in one browser-based inbox and unified interface.

"100% data protection! - the Messenger Communication Platform is super compliant!"

Dr. Carsten Ulbricht

Lawyer and Internet Expert | Menold Bezler

Consulting & Customer Service

Be available to your website visitors as a contact person directly in the automatically opening webchat.


Advise your customers and provide product information directly in the chat.


Simplify the handling of returns and reduce the number of re-shipments.

Invoice Requests

Your customers can contact you conveniently via Webchat regarding billing questions.

Usage Questions

Answer your customers’ questions about the usage of your services or products quickly and directly.

Individual Issues

Be available to your customers for individual questions and problems.

"MessengerPeople's innovative chatbot builder allows us to hand over to the consultant at the right moment."

Andreas Jerchel

Marketing Manager at Autohaus Ostermaier

Chatbots & Automation

Use automated responses or chatbots to answer your customers’ questions in a resource-efficient way.

Pre-qualification of Requests

In first-level support, chatbots help you collect customer data, such as name, concern, and customer number.


Channel recurring requests and answer them in an automated way to relieve your support team.

Service & Sales

Advise & inform via chatbots and increase your sales and customers satisfaction through simple automation.