How to get more users for your WhatsApp messenger service

You are wondering about how to get more users into your WhatsApp service channel or service channels of other messaging apps? We’ve put together the most valuable tips & tricks for sustainable and successful user development.

Marketing and service via WhatsApp offers many advantages for both sides. While your customers are happy about a quick and easy way to contact you, you become more successful as a company while your effort decreases, the quality of your service increases and your customers end up happily ever after!

So it’s important to inform as many of your (potential) customers as possible aboutyour WhatsApp service channel.

But how will you let them know about this new service channel? WhatsApp does not (yet) offer any advertising or promotion opportunities in the app directly. At the same time, however, the user must always write first – only after receiving a text from your customer, you as a company are allowed to respond (see also: GDPR & WhatsApp ). That means the challenge is to use external impulses or entry points so that existing or future customers can contact you via WhatsApp!

Entry points are needed so companies can start a conversation with their target group about WhatsApp and Co.

Four entry points for more WhatsApp service users:

  1. Communicate your WhatsApp service number!
  2. Use Click to Chat (links directly into the messaging app)!
  3. Use the full potential of social media!
  4. Embed the MessengerPeople widget on your website!
  5. Checklist to download

👉Free Whitepaper “WhatsApp Business Entry Points and Marketing Activation”

1) Communicate your WhatsApp service number!

Your WhatsApp service channel has exactly one number ! And you can keep your existing number when you become a customer of MessengerPeople – our Onboarding Service Team will be happy to help you get this number on board our WhatsApp service channel!

  • Any number is possible
  • Landline numbers also work as WhatsApp service numbers
  • Existing numbers can also become a WhatsApp service number (if you already offer a phone hotline, for example)
  • Theoretically even 0800 numbers are possible, but difficult because the WhatsApp verification call comes from abroad (and 0800 numbers don’t allow international calls)

You should communicate your number EVERYWHERE .

Where is it that you have touchpoints with your (future) customers? Think for example of…

  • Posters
  • Store windows
  • Website
  • Catalogues
  • Podcasts
  • Product packaging
  • Out of Home
  • Business cards
  • Magazines
  • Sales slips
  • Company cars
  • etc..

2) Use Click to Chat (links directly into the messaging app)!

With Click-to-Chat , WhatsApp offers the possibility to directly link to WhatsApp. When the user clicks on that link, WhatsApp and a pre-defined message opens immediately.

Each WhatsApp number has its own web address (deep link). It consists of the web address, the number (your service number) and a pre-defined text (which can always be individual and can contain command words that start a chatbot , for example).

Try yourself, here is the link to our customer service channel:!%20%20I%20have%20a%20question%20regarding%20WhatsApp

You can use this link anywhere online!

I.e. use the link to display Facebook & Instagram ads or other ads, for example on Google. If a user clicks on the ad – the dialog starts immediately as described above.

or use the link for organic traffic at your own touchpoints, like:

  • E-mail signature and newsletter
  • On your website at known contact points and landingpages
  • Behind QR codes on flyers, private advertisements, exhibition stands or in presentations etc.

3) Use the full potential of social media!

The use of social media is basically a mix of “communicate your number” and “click-to-chat”. Here are some tips and examples.

  • Small videos are best suited for Facebook . Communicate your number there and directly leave a click-to-chat link. You can find a very nice example on the German Huawei Facebook page
  • With Instagram , you can put the “link in the bio”. You can also use Influencer and Instagram stories (Swipe Up to Chat). In our webinar, we have a special “hack” on how to add a WhatsApp button to your Instagram profile !
  • Also on Twitter videos in combination with number and link are the perfect way to do it. Here is an example from Adidas:

You have a Facebook page? Connect WhatsApp with Facebook!

You can now not only integrate the Facebook Messenger button as a contact option on your Facebook page, but also link your Facebook page to your WhatsApp channel. You can find this neat feature in the settings of your Facebook page (note: the feature is not yet activated for all pages!)

4) Embed the MessengerPeople widget on your website!

This is the most simpe thing to do and yet many companies keep forgetting this step: Use your website! This is where most of your customers look for support, contact and further information.

  • Basis should always be an optimized landing page for your messaging service. Take a look at our page as an example and get valuable tips in our article 9 things you need for a perfect lading page
  • Use your messaging widget everywhere!

MessengerPeople customers receive a so-called widget which you can embed on your website so that customers can contact you directly via messaging app. Use the widget as often and prominently as possible on your website!

  • What you should pay attention to when using the widget:
    • Position the widget in the sidebar, header and footer of your website!
    • The widget can be easily adjusted in shape and size.
    • Always use the latest widget that MessengerPeople provides you with. You can find your free widget in your MessengerPeople login area
    • Tip: Find out everything you need to know on how to create your individual messaging widget in our article
  • Use your messaging chip widget everywhere

The Live-to-Chat symbol is a relatively well-known way to get in touch with your visitors. With the messaging chip widget you get your users directly into your messaging service channel! The chat button can be placed anywhere on your site. However, in our experience it works best to place the button on the lower right side of the website.

5) Checklist to generate more users for your messaging service

WhatsApp does not offer any options for advertising. However, the user must always write first – only then may the company reply (see: DSGVO & WhatsApp). The company must therefore advertise their WhatsApp service externally so that existing or future customers contact them via WhatsApp!

📥 This infographic should help MessengerPeople customers to consider some points for generating more users (also available as a .pdf printable version for download )


  • Goal: Users should rather use WhatsApp than phone, email or social to get in contact with you!
  • First: Use your own touchpoints! Web, mails, products, flyers etc..
  • Contact information? Phone & email? – Don’t forget WhatsApp!
  • Offline: Always communicate your number directly
  • Your website: prominently placed card widgets and chip widgets should be available everywhere
  • External pages: Click to Chat link in ads, stories & social media
  • Do not forget a clear CTA “Just ask us via WhatsApp”!

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