Facebook Messenger for Your Customer Communication

Facebook Messenger is perfect for easy and quick customer communication . In addition, it offers media companies that have registered as official media sites via the News Page Index (NPI), the opportunity to send out newsletters .

With Facebook Messenger, your customers can easily contact you, ask you questions, make appointments or simply request information.

The Messenger Communication Platform from MessengerPeople offers the optimal solution for your customer communication via Facebook Messenger.

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Why Customer Communication via Facebook Messenger?

Reach & Popularity

Reach & Popularity

Facebook Messenger is the second most popular messaging app in the world, with over 1.3 billion users.

No Waiting Queue

No Waiting Queue

Communicate with your customers synchronously (in real-time) and asynchronously (time-delayed).

Options for Direct Sale

Options for Direct Sale

With Facebook Pay, customers can order and pay directly in Messenger.



Increase the efficiency & quality of your customer communication through simple automation and chatbots.

Newsletter for Media Companies

Newsletter for Media Companies

Companies that are registered via the News Page Index can still send newsletters.



Help your customers faster and more interactively with pictures, videos, audio or documents.

Features of Facebook Messenger

Direct Contact with Customers

Be available for your customers where they are every day and answer inquiries directly in the Facebook Messenger.


Facebook Pay has already been launched in the USA, and Facebook plans to roll it out in other countries in 2020.


As a registered media company (according to the NPI), you have the possibility to send newsletters to your customers.

Sponsored Messages

Sponsored messages allow you as a non-media company to send content to your target group if the user has already been in contact with you via Messenger.

Consulting & Customer Service

Consult your customers individually and free of charge within 24 hours.


Offer your customers, support and communicate product information directly via chat.


Simplify the processing of customer returns and reduce the number of returns.

Invoice Enquiries

Your customers can easily contact you via Facebook Messenger for invoice related questions.

Questions about Usage

Answer your customers’ questions about the usage of your services or products quickly and directly.

Modification of Personal Data

Your customers can easily update their personal data via Messenger.

Individual Problems

Be available for your customers for answering questions and solving their individual problems.

Chatbots & Automation

Use automatic answers or chatbots to answer your customers’ questions in a resource-saving way.

Prequalification of Enquiries

In first level support, chatbots help you collect customer data, such as name, request and customer number.


Channel recurring requests and answer them automatically to reduce the workload on your support staff.

Service & Sales

Consult & inform via chatbots and increase your sales and customer satisfaction through simple automation.

Lead Generation

With interactive dialogues, quizzes or marketing campaigns you collect valuable data of future customers.

Your MessengerPeople Solution for Facebook Messenger

With the Messenger Communication Platform you can manage your customer communication via Facebook Messenger and other messenger apps professionally, efficiently and in compliance with data protection regulations.

Intuitive Ticket System

Use a modern ticket system with easy ticket allocation via drag & drop or autorouting.


Your employees work in defined roles and efficiently together in a team.

Predefined Answers

Increase your efficiency and responsiveness with predefined answers.

Chatbot Builder

Create chatbots that support your customer communication without any programming knowledge.