Notify for Your Customer Communication

Notify is a free app to receive news, special offers or tips from various sources in a simple, secure, clear and of course free way.

More than 1,000 companies from media to online shops already use Notify to send relevant information to their subscribers as newsletters in real-time. The app has already been downloaded over 300,000 times and has up to 60,000 daily users.

The Messenger Communication Platform from MessengerPeople offers you the optimal solution for distributing news via Notify.

Why Notify for Your Content Distribution?

Specially for Push Communication

Specially for Push Communication

Institutions & companies of every industry can send newsletters, information or deals with notification.



All your information will be delivered to your subscribers in real time.



No spam filters, no algorithms! Everyone who subscribes to the news will receive it!



Through the notification on the lock screen, 80% of the messages are read within 15 minutes.



The average click rates on the content in the messages are over 30%.



The app has been developed in Germany by a German company and the data processing is 100% GDPR compliant.

Notify in a Nutshell

The Notify App is optimized for the essentials with 3 clearly arranged areas to deliver your content directly to your subscribers.


Here users can find all companies & institutions whose news they can subscribe to. The section has a wide range of categories from bargains, restaurants, entertainment, sports, food, trends and many more.


The incoming and outgoing messages of the channels to which you have subscribed appear here. The channel that published a message last is always at the top.


Here you will find information and settings for data protection, language and user data.

"In the past 4 weeks our subscribers have grown from a few thousand to over 20,000 users. The demand for such a service is very high!"

Nils Kinkel

Editor at NDR Info Radio and project manager of the Messaging Info Service (German radio & news station)

Your MessengerPeople Solution for Notify

With our solution you can send your newsletter, offers or news via Notify and other messenger apps professionally, efficiently and in compliance with data protection laws.

Newsletter Distribution

Like other institutions, associations, media & companies, send newsletters, information or deals directly to the lock screen of your subscribers.


Use stored user characteristics and selectable categories to send relevant news to defined target groups and increase your conversions.

Scheduled Delivery

Plan your news distribution conveniently and intuitively to the minute, for example to communicate deals or limited offers.


Use pictures, videos, audio or documents to make your news & offers even more interactive and engaging.

Chatbot Builder

Create chatbots without programming knowledge, which support your communication and, for example, automatically answer FAQs about products or offers.

Our clients communicate successfully via Notify App

The Notify App sends notifications about newly available information such as news, special offers or tips from subscribed companies. The user has the choice of reading the news directly in Notify or conveniently retrieving it via WhatsApp.

Here you can download & try out the Notify App!

Newsletter via Notify App

Despite the end of Messenger Newsletter on WhatsApp, push communication continues to be a high priority for companies. Notify is an attractive and effective WhatsApp alternative.

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