Sunil Gavaskar asks British commentator about Kohinoor during IPL match. Twitter reacts

During an IPL match, Sunil Gavaskar asked fellow commentator Alan Wilkins about the Kohinoor.

Sunil Gavaskar asked Alan Wilkins about the Kohinoor diamond during the commentary of an IPL match.

Former India cricketer Sunil Gavaskar is not someone to mince his words. Be it on the field or in the commentator’s box, Gavaskar’s words always manage to impress as well as entertain people. Keeping up with his streak of witty remarks, Gavaskar again hit the ball out of the stadium during an IPL match between Rajasthan Royals and Lucknow Super Giants.

During the match break, while the screen was showing the beautifully lit Marine Drive in Mumbai, Gavaskar had a request from his fellow British commentator Alan Wilkins. While comparing Marine Drive to the Queen’s necklace, Gavaskar told Wilkins, “We are still awaiting the Kohinoor diamond”.

As the duo started laughing at the remark, Gavaskar continued to ask Wilkins if he had any special influence so that he could request the British government to give back the priceless diamond.

Take a look:

The internet was highly amused at the cheeky remark. While some lauded his humour, others wrote about how fun the interaction was.

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