First all-private astronaut team reaches International Space Station on SpaceX rocket

The first all-private team of astronauts ever launched to the International Space Station were welcomed aboard the orbiting research platform on Saturday to begin a weeklong science mission.

Isro team inspects unidentified objects found in Maharashtra's Chandrapur district

A team from the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) visited the Chandrapur district of eastern Maharashtra on Friday to inspect unidentified objects that were said to have fallen from the sky a week ago.

SpaceX rocket blasts off for ISS with first all-private crew | Video

A SpaceX rocket lifted off on Friday carrying a four-man team in the first private astronaut mission to the International Space Station.

WATCH LIVE | SpaceX launches first private astronaut mission to Space Station

SpaceX is launching four astronauts on a maiden private mission to the International Space Station.

Retreating glaciers, seismic movement: Scientists decode reasons behind Chamoli disaster

According to scientists, retreating glaciers and seismic movement resulted in the 2021 glacial disaster in Uttarakhand's Chamoli.

Covid-19 precaution dose for all adults: The why and how of booster doses

Precaution dose of Covid-19 vaccines will be available to all aged above 18 years at private vaccination centres from April 10.

Climate change: Humans generated 640 mn tons methane, 36 bn tons CO2 in 2021, scientists call it alarming

Noaa observed a record annual increase in atmospheric levels of methane, a heat trapping greenhouse gas that causes global warming.

Investors urge governments not to ditch climate for energy security

The Steering Group of the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance, which counts some of the world's largest pension schemes and insurers as members, said on Friday that energy security policies must align with the world's climate goal.

Astronomers discover earliest and most distant galaxy formed moments after Big Bang

HD1, with a mass perhaps 10 billion times greater than our sun, may have been populated with the very first generation of stars.

Fossils of dinosaur killed on the day of asteroid strike found

Found at the Tanis fossil site in the US State of North Dakota, scientists have also unearthed remains of fish that breathed in debris that rained down from the sky.

Scientists shocked at new discovery around particles that makes our Sun shine

Scientists have for the first time determined the mass of W bosons, which are responsible for the nuclear processes that make the Sun shine. They have found them to have more mass than what was theorised.

First private mission to Space Station to launch today, four astronauts set to ride SpaceX's Falcon-9

The Ax-1 crew includes Commander Michael López-Alegría of Spain and the United States, Pilot Larry Connor of the United States, and Mission Specialists Eytan Stibbe of Israel and Mark Pathy of Canada.