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How Imran Khan lost Pakistan, but set the pitch for his second innings

Imran Khan lost a no-confidence vote in Parliament on Sunday as the Opposition secured 174 votes. Here's how his last-ball game could actually set the pitch for his second innings as the Pakistan prime minister.

National handloom week: A time to fix the GI magic wand

The GI Act enacted in 2003 was believed to revive the dying handloom industry in India. However, 19 years later, the benefits failed to trickle down to the rural workers. What can we do to make the magic wand work?

Can Rahul Gandhi address Prashant Kishor-Gujarat question, Rajasthan leadership issue before trip abroad?

Rahul Gandhi has come under criticism from some quarters for taking foreign trips when his party back home is struggling with organisational issues. Ahead of his foreign visit later this month, will he able to tie up some loose ends?

Mariupol mayhem: Why Putin is so desperate to capture this Ukrainian port city

Artillery, rockets and missiles have damaged most of Mariupol, but Russian assaults continue. Why does Putin want this Ukrainian port city so desperately?

Who is actually winning the Russia-Ukraine war?

Russia’s invasion has pushed Zelenskyy deeper into the embrace of the West that has ensured Ukraine is more weaponised. This is what Putin was most upset about.

How ‘Diesel’ became speed-breaker for Imran Khan in Pakistan

Pakistan Democratic Movement chief Fazlur Rehman, whom Imran Khan frequently referred to as ‘Diesel’, has taken centre stage in the campaign to remove Khan from the office.

Sri Lankan crisis puts spotlight on debt, freebie culture in India

The unprecedented economic crisis that Sri Lanka is facing has sounded alarm bells in India. Economists believe that the policies of doling out freebies and subsidies by some of the state governments could spell doom in the long run.

Ukraine war and how conflict traumatises kids in ways we don’t often imagine

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, here is a look at how war affects children’s mental health and leaves them traumatised for years in ways we don’t often imagine.

Congress's young problem, and how Ahmed Patel's son has just added to it

Many young Congress leaders quit the party for better political careers in other parties. Faisal Patel could be the next as his latest tweet came as a warning to the Congress leadership amid speculation that he might join the Aam Aadmi Party.

Pakistan's SC fails to find immediate solution as country remains in throes of constitutional crisis

Legal experts are of the opinion that the delay on the part of Pakistan's Supreme Court is prolonging the current constitutional crisis.

Political chaos in Pakistan ground for military to step in?

The fast-developing situation in Pakistan has added to the confusion in an already deepening political and constitutional crisis. Is there ground for the military to step in?

India’s NAM 2.0: Why West’s response to Modi’s non-alignment is restrained

India, till date, has abstained from every resolution on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, which was moved by either the West or Russia.