Isro team inspects unidentified objects found in Maharashtra's Chandrapur district

A team from the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) visited the Chandrapur district of eastern Maharashtra on Friday to inspect unidentified objects that were said to have fallen from the sky a week ago.

Several social media users reported seeing unidentified burning objects falling from the sky in Maharashtra and MP (Photo: ANI)

A team of scientists from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) visited Chandrapur district in Maharashtra to inspect some unidentified objects believed to be remnants of a booster rocket. The unidentified object streaked across the night sky over parts of central India last week.

The matter came to light when Chandrapur district collector Ajay Gulhane revealed that locals spotted an iron ring lying in an open plot in Ladbori village.

"It is a cylinder-like thing measuring 1 to 1.5 feet in diameter. It has been collected for examination. We had sent talathis [junior revenue officials] to every village in the district to find out if more parts of objects, if any, were lying scattered, "he told PTI.

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In addition to the giant ring, the locals also spotted a cylinder-like object in Pawanpur village, followed by the discovery of five more such cylinders in the area.

In a Facebook post, ISRO said, "As requested by the district administration, a team of scientists from ISRO is visiting Pawanpur for inspection and further scientific inquiry."

According to astronomer Jonathan McDowell, who was tracking the trajectory of the debris, the fallen ring "is consistent with being part of the CZ-3B third stage tankage."

McDowell explained the fallen parts as the Long March 3B rocket's third stage in a series of tweets. He also showcased the layout of the rocket stages that re-entered Earth due to atmospheric drag.

The Geological Survey of India in Nagpur, on the other hand, stated that they could only comment on the nature of the objects after a thorough examination.

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