Messaging App Statistics Hub: Worldwide Facts & Figures

In most countries around the globe, the good old-fashioned SMS has been replaced by messaging apps. But who is using which apps where? Between WhatsApp , Facebook Messenger , Apple Business Chat, WeChat and more, the messenger market has a lot of variety. Naturally, consumer’s choices are heavily influenced by geography and culture. In our usage statistics series, we take a look at messaging app statistics in different English-speaking countries, as well as presenting a broader overview.

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Anyone who has visited our site once or twice before knows that we have a specific interest in messaging apps – and specifically, in their potential for businesses ! In the majority of countries, messaging apps have entered the arena of professional communication, and companies have started offering modern customer communication and service over WhatsApp and Co.

Delve deeper into the digital landscape of the countries listed below to find out more:

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Global Messaging App Usage Statistics

Journey with MessengerPeople to 14 different countries and regions around the world, looking at the top messaging app for each area: Global Messenger Usage, Penetration and Statistics .

Messaging Apps in Africa: Overview

A look around English-speaking countries in Africa, with a special focus on South Africa and Nigeria. WhatsApp in Africa: Statistics and Business Potential

Messaging Apps in India: Overview

One of the fastest-growing digital landscapes: Messaging Apps in India.

Messaging Apps in Singapore: Overview

A small country with a lot of messaging app users: 4 million Singaporeans say WhatsApp is their most-used app.

Messaging Apps in UK: Overview

Messaging app statistics for the United Kingdom – and a free Whitepaper! UK mobile statistics.

Messaging Apps in the USA: Overview

Moving over towards North America, the messaging app statistics change dramatically from in Europe. Mobile Messaging Landscape: USA edition.

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