Happiness Quest

Hapiness Quest

Happiness Quest

How Odisha’s Kalinga Institutes provide free education to tribal children in remote areas

The Kalinga institutes in Odisha impart education to around 30,000 tribal children, starting from kindergarten to post-graduation, free of cost

Key design tips to convert any home into a tranquil space

Principal architect with Design Consortium India, Nilanjan Bhowal tells us how to create spaces that exude a sense of calm

How cleaning and organising can bring a sense of calm and happiness

Even a neat and clean room can be a rejuvenating experience, explains Gayatri Gandhi, founder of Joy Factory, a professional decluttering and organising service

No one should be the reason for your happiness except you, yourself: BeYouNick

Nick aka BeYouNick is a YouTuber with 45.6 lakh subscribers and over 10.5 million followers across platforms

How a Rajasthan veterinarian helps animals find their feet

A Rajasthan veterinarian, Dr Tapesh Mathur, makes prosthetics to give disabled animals a second chance.

How the Pehlay Akshar program aims to fill the ‘spoken English’ gap for students

Hundreds of children are learning spoken English in government schools across Mumbai, and it’s opening up new worlds for them

7 tips to live a happier life

Apoorva Lochan, Mindfulness guru, life coach and mentor, shares vital tips to be happy

The Ultimate Arsenal- Talent!

Optimism and hope are the foundation on which the edifice of progress is built, but such epithets are double-edged swords if we do not clearly understand the underlying and core strength of any nation.

How a village in Kashmir has kept Covid at bay

Veewan, a remote hamlet in Kashmir has managed to remain Covid-free throughout the three waves of the pandemic

Beating social media blues

Dr Hirak Patel, counselling psychologist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, Mumbai, shares tips on how to avoid social media blues.

An auto driver's lessons in customer care

His pride in his job has brought Annadurai to the notice of business titans

Colour me Happy: How colours affect happiness

The right shade can elevate your mood and bring positivity and serenity to your home