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How the Russian ruble is defying sanctions

How did the Russians manage to revive their currency so fast despite the wall of sanctions? Here is how the ruble is defying sanctions.

Russia's attack on Ukraine may burn a hole in your pocket too, daily items' prices set to rise 

Even as adverse spillovers through direct trade remain limited, the Russia-Ukraine war may have a significant impact on inflation through the global commodity markets channel, the RBI said.


DIU Video: India's Covid-19 Snapshot

Corona cases are subsiding in India as cases have fallen by 41 per cent from the average two weeks ago, and deaths dropped by 14 per cent. However, the latest data indicate an uptick in the new cases in the last 24 hours.


DIU Video: How Earth warmed in last 142 Years

Scientists are warning 'Now or never' to limit global warming as Earth's temperature is rising much faster than expected. The ten warmest years have occurred within the last 17 years. Based on NASA's latest data, DIU's spiral chart shows what does 142 years of global warming look like.

Sri Lankan economic crisis explained in five charts

The $81 billion Sri Lankan economy is on the verge of collapse. India Today explains the economic crisis with the help of five charts.


DIU Video: Covid-19 situation in most-affected countries

Covid-19 cases in South Korea have dropped from a high of 4 lakh average daily cases on March 17 to 3.2 lakh on March 31. In Germany, however, the cases have surged by 21 per cent in the same period.

European countries have been boosting their military spending even before the Russia-Ukraine war

Even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, European countries have been the primary drivers of a new arms race, with an 18 per cent increase in per capita military spending in the last two years alone.


DIU Video: Pakistan's perennial political turbulence

Yet another phase of political instability is set to begin in Pakistan, following a no-confidence motion against the Imran Khan government. Pakistan has a history of elected governments not completing their full term. No single leader has served out a full five-year term yet.

How the Russia-Ukraine war may affect India’s platter

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and the consequent supply chain disruptions have aggravated concerns about food affordability in India.

Who has MLAs? BJP's gains directly proportional to Congress loss in a decade 

India Today's Data Intelligence Unit (DIU) analysis shows that the strength of Congress has been declining since 2012, with the losses of the Grand Old Party being directly proportional to the gains made by the BJP.

IPL Season 15: How Indian Premier League grew over the years

Have the growing riches boosted the confidence of players, helping them win many more matches now than what was the case earlier? The data certainly makes one wonder.


DIU Video: One month of Russian Invasion of Ukraine

After one month of conflict and failing diplomatic talks, the Russian forces have almost encircled Ukraine. The conflict has forced more than 3.5 million Ukrainians to flee to neighbouring countries. Heavy shelling and missile attacks are reportedly continuing in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Izyum and Mariupol.